Three new projects

Well, after our 4 wheeler was stolen out of the barn (and found by police) we bulked up our property with some security systems – 200 ft of fence, 12 ft gate, signage and security cameras everywhere.

Too bad for them our 4 wheeler tire goes flat if not aired up weekly, and the carb needed work. So they only got a few miles on it before the smoke / plastic melting because they were dragging the exhaust…poor 4 wheeler.

It’s sad that we have to protect our property like this, so soon especially. But it gives me peace of mind knowing we are safer now. More fence coming but you know, money $$$.

new gate, locked up

Smaller projects – tore down the ugly number post at the end of the drive. Powerwashed the post, new numbers and  a lot of poly coat later we’ve got a nice post now.

wooden letters, heavily poly coated and nailed on carefully with pre-drilled holes
in progress

Power washed the back porch and painted.

Progress pic – but it’s done now, looks so much nicer. Painted a nice cream white. Will replace the old carpet with grey flooring of an undetermined, weather-resistant type. Now I can actually use this room for some outdoor storage. Nothing major, because you know, thieves and meth-heads.


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