Supplements for Healthy Fawn – B12

Well, it has been 2 years of raising fawns and we have learned a few things after purchasing hundreds of different products and trialing them out. The goal is always producing a healthy fawn to turn back out to the wild with the best chance of survival. So we are going to start highlighting productsContinue reading “Supplements for Healthy Fawn – B12”

Deer Barn

We purchased our first materials for the run-in deer barn. Planning on 10×14′ with room for a medical table and intake stall, with the rest of the space covered for the deer shelter and feed. Very excited this is our first big step for the rescue!

Part 1 – Yellowstone

Yellowstone was an amazing 7 days and 6 nights. It was excellent and vast, scenery like I had never seen before. Not quite ready to move on out there yet, but it was definitely wild and I can see the appeal to moving out west. We didn’t camp, but were glad we did not with howContinue reading “Part 1 – Yellowstone”

Busy Summer

The Deere engine swap is completed, and it’s running pretty great. Clay still has a few adjustments to make overall to get a little more power to go up our steep back hills easier. Link is a video below of Clay running the new mower: Caution – slightly loud!!! Dirty Deere Mower Test Run OtherContinue reading “Busy Summer”