It has been a busy couple of months. First, we put a huge wrap around porch on our home with the help of my father. It looks fantastic, and now we are just waiting on the wood to completely dry out before coating the old and  new porch with deckover paint, which is 10x stronger than normal paint. It should blend the two decks together nicely.

We choose a honey brown color in Lowes version of deckover paint.


The next project was to trade in my newer car for something used. This is for a lot of reasons, but Clay and I strongly believe in living within our means. The car payment was just too much, and we can use that money for a lot of other things. So with a car payment cut in half, I got a 2007 Envoy GMC Denali. Super luxury, love it. A lot of relief in not having such a high car payment for something I was barely driving.


In the background of my new super awesome suv, is the barn project. We are still working on it, but now it is enclosed and much more secure. Couple more loads of stone for the driveway, and tin for the barn – and we will have everything set up for now.

And then on to the next project – Chickens!!


-Erika & Clay



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