Landscaping path

The tin on the barn project is on hold for a month until we can find the right place to get the tin from. But we have a lot of quotes and should have one soon.

We’re working on our landscaping at the front of the house, starting with clearing a nice organic looking path through part of the landscaping to get to the barn.  Tired of tripping on roots and other random rocks in the way of the barn.

This property has so many rocks, we won’t have to buy much of anything. The landscaping is very random so we are picking up everything to use elsewhere. Keeping the monkey grass and probably move some of it around to surround the path. We lined the path with the smaller rocks as pictured below.

2015-07-13 14.15.33
if it wasn’t 100 degrees out, these projects would go faster…

Plan on using some flat pavers to weave it around and up to the top of the landscaping. Then fill in with dirt/sand/mulch have not decided yet. I got 25 bags of nice mulch for $45 at home depot during the 4th of July sale, so that will be used on the rest of this area.

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