Updates around our home

We added some front landscaping and lattice under the porch as well as 5 Pink Azalea bushes in the front rocks. Had a load of rock delivered, now just need some nice driveway rock for the front of the house. Also planted 2 apple trees and 5 muscadine vines.

2016-02-21 11.54.41

A pretty photo of our place at sunset from the barn


Also preparing the chicken coop – they arrive in less than a month! Took the old red shed and painted it with renew paint. Will have a large run behind it – too many hawks & eagles for chickens just to run free. We are getting Americaunas, Marans, Buff Orphingtons and a few other varieties.



Published by Hickory Haven Fawn Rescue

Dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of whitetail fawn in Upstate South Carolina in the Greenville, SC area.

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