Deer Barn

We purchased our first materials for the run-in deer barn. Planning on 10×14′ with room for a medical table and intake stall, with the rest of the space covered for the deer shelter and feed. Very excited this is our first big step for the rescue!

Part 1 – Yellowstone

Yellowstone was an amazing 7 days and 6 nights. It was excellent and vast, scenery like I had never seen before. Not quite ready to move on out there yet, but it was definitely wild and I can see the appeal to moving out west. We didn’t camp, but were glad we did not with howContinue reading “Part 1 – Yellowstone”

Busy Summer

The Deere engine swap is completed, and it’s running pretty great. Clay still has a few adjustments to make overall to get a little more power to go up our steep back hills easier. Link is a video below of Clay running the new mower: Caution – slightly loud!!! Dirty Deere Mower Test Run OtherContinue reading “Busy Summer”

JD Engine Swap – ‘Dirty’ Deere

I’m really impressed with Clay’s engine swap, he’s successfully swapped the good engine in the grasshopper, Kubota 25hp diesel, into the John Deere. There was almost an issue with the driveshaft, but he was able to machine new holes for the mount. All of the electrical had to be reconnected/rewired. Too many switches. John DeereContinue reading “JD Engine Swap – ‘Dirty’ Deere”