The Building / Barn

This week Clay, Jim and Mitchell are busy preparing for a concrete pour in the building for Wednesday as well as getting ready to finish paneling the barn. I’m helping out after work with whatever I can. The barn has good bones and a nice new roof/beams. Unfortunately they used parts of it for a trash can.

Once it’s done Clay will use it for his mechanic / flipping equipment business. Then we can start getting some cash back!

back view
front view

When we were cleaning out the smaller store room section of the barn, we found out that: what we thought were harmless wood bees were in fact angry ground bees. Ouch. Good time to figure out if we were allergic to bees. Stung me right through my pants. There was a lot of tossing of pallets and hoping for no snakes.

We dug the nest out and with a hefty dose of Raid we were back on track.

Image result for ground bumble bee
do not be fooled, although fuzzy and cute they will get on you and sting, disemboweling themselves in the process just to ruin your day. The welt was bigger than a grapefruit. 

I spent most of my time so far helping clean out the store room, which was covered in palettes, and huge metal tile pieces. It was mostly a trash can. But I think the tiles can be reused in the shed, under the concrete, or used in the smaller wooden barn on the property.

Weed eating and using the chainsaw are new things for me. I have sore muscles I didn’t even know I had. But the place is looking much better. There is a semblance of old landscaping behind the house that will be pretty easy to clean up with some sweat equity. And a lot of round-up.

Still have to prep for the dog fence, which we are halfway there with the removal of small trees and clearing the space. Once we get the barn secured and the dog fence up, we can finish moving in!

Some more photos of the inside:

Image result for 2213 hwy 247
butler’s pantry aka where we keep the wine
Image result for 2213 hwy 247
laundry / wash room
Image result for 2213 hwy 247 belton
master – double doors go to the living room

We are pretty stoked there are a TON of blackberry bushes, and they taste great, unlike the ones we had around our rental house. Will be making cobblers/shakes and trying to can them for sure.

Image result for red black berries
ours are mostly red right now

We have seen 1 snake, which got shot pretty quickly. No discrimination on snake types when most of them can kill you down here. Once we are done bush-hogging we should see a lot fewer snakes, less places to hide.


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