Concrete & Sand

We moved 6 tons of sand into place to level out the floor of the barn. One corner was just drastically lower than the rest of the barn. It’s 6″ of concrete across the floor, sloped to the drain in the middle.

6 tons of sand does not look like much but it takes a lot to move it with shovels.



Forms are up and ready for concrete.


I had mentioned we wanted to use one of the aviary sections for a dog kennel, since there is no garage here for the dogs to hide in during storms.

When the concrete arrived we were able to pour about 5×7 area for the dogs to lay on and stay cool, and it will be nice to have somewhere to keep them in case there is an emergency (snake, or something else) roaming around that we do not want them to get at.

I don’t have any photos of the finished concrete but will post some tomorrow. It was about 8 hours of concrete work or more. Two loads, 15.5  yards, $2000 later of back breaking work it looks great. I’m really glad we rented the “finisher” so it will really shine. Then we did a protective sealant on it before packing up for the day.

Today is electrical work, finishing the electrical box in the barn, and on to miscellaneous projects until we can decide on the tin that we want.

(First quality vs. Second Quality) is about $400 difference, so we need to figure out what is left in the budget after the misc. projects are completed.

I’m thinking Old Town Gray so far, with Polar white trim.



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