Farmall M 1953

Both Fords – 2000 and 4000 are well on their way to running this weekend, with the Ford 4000 ready to start this week.

We were trying to buy a Minneapolis Moline UTU 1950, but it needed tires, and sheet metal. So, that is over $2100 including purchase price, before we even try to get it to run. Just not something we can do – although it’s one powerful engine and it was hard to pass up. It did sell the same day though so somebody wanted it bad.

But while we were negotiating the MM UTU,  at the same farm, we found and bought this Farmall M 1953 – complete with sheet metal, not pictured. Engine has already been rebuilt – a rarity.

This M has 14.5 x 38 tires on it – makes it look huge. We may keep the same size but it does need new tires. Originally these tractors had 11.25 x 36’s

Loading it on our trailer was a treat, considering we don’t have 3 ramps or a rollback trailer. We loaded it backwards with the winch and used a tri-fold 4wheeler ramp. Barely made it but that’s all we had. Safety first of course, used wheel chocks once the back wheels were on and kept the winch on while loading the front end.



Of course, if we didn’t have enough to do already…two kittens were dropped on the porch by a mouser cat that we feed. She was no where to be found, so we had to take them in. Looking for homes for at least one of these little girls. The black kitten literally makes no noise at all, but the black and white one is the noisiest cat we’ve ever had. Both flea bathed and on formula right now.


Also, chicken update…coop is basically done, soon as they get a little bigger it will be time for them to spend time in the run. Speckled Sussex, and Red Laced Wynadottes below.


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