Supplements for Healthy Fawn – B12

Well, it has been 2 years of raising fawns and we have learned a few things after purchasing hundreds of different products and trialing them out. The goal is always producing a healthy fawn to turn back out to the wild with the best chance of survival. So we are going to start highlighting productsContinue reading “Supplements for Healthy Fawn – B12”

Growing Garden & Chickens

Just some garden and chicken photos. We’ve taken a tractor break to work on some items around the farm as well as swap a zero-turn mower engine. The grasshopper is, well, dead, the axle sheared in half. So we’ve swapped the engine into a JD 757 Zero-turn which we picked up for cheap. When ClayContinue reading “Growing Garden & Chickens”

Farmall M 1953

Both Fords – 2000 and 4000 are well on their way to running this weekend, with the Ford 4000 ready to start this week. We were trying to buy a Minneapolis Moline UTU 1950, but it needed tires, and sheet metal. So, that is over $2100┬áincluding purchase price, before we even try to get itContinue reading “Farmall M 1953”

Homestead updates

Little homestead update, tractors are still in progress – photos of those later this week. We are racing the south’s summer heat, every weekend is a work weekend until we can work no more. Landscaping on side of the house – pavers need a little leveling out but otherwise, hooray, this is done finally. OfContinue reading “Homestead updates”

“Donkey” Mule and Chickens

So I come home from work last week after a particularly challenging day and what is in our driveway? At the time, I believed it was a donkey, just standing there in the driveway with our gate closed. On the gate is a note, stating “our donkey got out and they locked it up forContinue reading ““Donkey” Mule and Chickens”