JD Engine Swap – ‘Dirty’ Deere

I’m really impressed with Clay’s engine swap, he’s successfully swapped the good engine in the grasshopper, Kubota 25hp diesel, into the John Deere. There was almost an issue with the driveshaft, but he was able to machine new holes for the mount. All of the electrical had to be reconnected/rewired. Too many switches.

John Deere commercial mowers with a diesel are pretty rare used, and expensive, (think 10k-20k) so this has worked out great. It’s not really a JD anymore, but a frankenstein mower – the Dirty Deere

We’ve ordered new tires, Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 24X12-12

The turf tires were dry rotted, so all in all we are about $700 in this mower.

And a new 120″ belt for the deck, 10 ft of belt!

Some photos of the progress; seat is off


As for the homestead, we’ve got the three amigos of destruction, Milo is tolerating them. I call him the big fluffy babysitter and they think he is their mama. This photo is pretty much their personalities, Bella is sleepy, Bear is crazy wide-eyed, and Milo is just wore out.

We’re starting a new venture with our newly found plum trees – wild plum wine. I’ve got the fermentation process started and we’re excited to see if we can get some wine – or vinegar, whichever happens 🙂 More photos of that process next week.





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