Growing Garden & Chickens

Just some garden and chicken photos.

We’ve taken a tractor break to work on some items around the farm as well as swap a zero-turn mower engine. The grasshopper is, well, dead, the axle sheared in half. So we’ve swapped the engine into a JD 757 Zero-turn which we picked up for cheap. When Clay finishes that this weekend we’ll post some photos of the swap.

Pictured below – Georgia, our Buff Orphington, who follows me everywhere, and Captain DA, our black and white Maran rooster who stands in the rain. Was mis-sexed from the hatchery, was not expecting a Maran rooster. First shows all of the breeds we have right now. Some really gorgeous plumage.

They have moved on to finisher/grower food and are establishing who is boss among the roosters.

Our pepper plants had to be replaced due to bad black spot, but we’ve sprayed the new set and everything is going well now. Tomato plants are very productive after using fish emulsion spray.

We purchased 1500 ladybugs and they COMPLETELY eliminated our red aphid issue. Totally worth the $10 from Ebay. They began eating the aphids as soon as we released them. Highly recommend trying for your own aphid issues. We probably could of been OK with 1000 or less, 1500 is a lot and quite a few of them left. In case you are curious, they do not go into your house, these are red ladybugs and not the yellow/orange ones. They simply fly away when they deplete their food supply, which is nectar, water, and aphids.




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