Supplements for Healthy Fawn – B12

Well, it has been 2 years of raising fawns and we have learned a few things after purchasing hundreds of different products and trialing them out. The goal is always producing a healthy fawn to turn back out to the wild with the best chance of survival.

So we are going to start highlighting products that worked for us that may work for you too! We mostly use products for deer, goats, lambs and horses. There are so many on the market to try! Every year we find new ones.

The first product I’d like to highlight is Rooster Booster B-12 Sheep and Goat Liquid, 16-Ounce.

I have used this for 2 years now in several ways. On intake, if we cannot get a b12 shot into the fawn, we use an oral syringe to give them 1cc of Rooster Booster 🐓 it really gets them more alert and ready to eat, and helps them get through tough recovery early on.

You can give up to 10cc, but since fawn are small I like to start with 1cc and work up to a total of 5cc.

I definitely prefer this for an oral option for fawns if needed. It can also be mixed into their milk and they do not mind the flavor.

Rooster Booster 🐓
Rooster Booster
  • Key to red blood cell production, nervous system function, sperm production, normal growth and proper function of the immune system
  • Increases appetite and weight gain
  • Increases energy
  • For sheep & goats (and deer)

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Dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of whitetail fawn in Upstate South Carolina in the Greenville, SC area.

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