“Donkey” Mule and Chickens

So I come home from work last week after a particularly challenging day and what is in our driveway? At the time, I believed it was a donkey, just standing there in the driveway with our gate closed. On the gate is a note, stating “our donkey got out and they locked it up for us”.

Now this would be fine to keep it off the road, except our fence is to keep vehicles out, not animals, and there are several gaps where the woods acts as a natural  barrier.

We called animal control, which in group effort did manage to put it back in the neighbors fence, several acres down in the valley of our property.

Before we could even get back up to the house for a victory beer, it was right back in our yard – so “putting it back” was not an option anymore. Many more animal control officers came out, at one point there were 6 officers rotating in and out to keep it off the highway.

This went on for days – until we finally broke down and asked Big Oaks Farm to come rescue the poor thing. It had been out in the highway numerous times and we just couldn’t take it anymore. The owner didn’t want it anymore, really didn’t want it anymore, which we found out by chance one evening.

Big Oaks to the rescue

As soon as Joe Mann showed up, the “donkey” ran towards the trailer. I was in disbelief, this sorry animal made us look stupid for days and now it wants to go? Then we were informed it’s actually a john mule. A pretty old john mule for that matter.

Of course it wasn’t that easy, it took a few hours, one crossing of the highway and a lot of leading the mare around as bait, we got it in the corral, and then into the trailer.

Not even 5 minutes into the capture and it runs towards the mare
Victory is near – but we were warned he could still jump out


“Everybody just needs a buddy”

So if you are looking for a charity to donate to this year, or hook up to your Amazon Smile account for an automatic donation every time you purchase through smile.amazon, consider Big Oaks Rescue Farm

South Carolina ranks 47th in animal protection laws – these people help keep animals safe, and give them a 2nd chance at life.

Big Oaks Rescue Farm – Website





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