Homestead updates

Little homestead update, tractors are still in progress – photos of those later this week.

We are racing the south’s summer heat, every weekend is a work weekend until we can work no more.

Landscaping on side of the house – pavers need a little leveling out but otherwise, hooray, this is done finally.

Of course the porch in the top photo, no longer looks anything like that at all as we re-did everything and expanded the porch to 2x it’s size. Still waiting for good weather to completely paint it with a light brown deck-over paint.

Before and After20160410_184507   

Chicken coop construction still going, it takes a surprisingly long time to place hardware cloth properly. We used 1/4″ hardware cloth all along the bottom. Hex poultry netting to go around the entire structure, and criss-cross of wire on the top for hawk protection.

Clay making adjustments to the hardware cloth, Luke harassing him endlessly to play with his ball. Ball is life.


Sleepy chicken pile
And lastly, Sammy guarding the garden…enjoying the sunshine.


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