Chicken Coop & Wind Storm

We worked on our chicken coop / chicken run this weekend, the run will be over 30 ft long.
Testing the Ford 2N out, it worked great to get the post holes dug. The Ford 2N is for sale and great for these kinds of activities.


Finished product – now for wire and a door this week

We also had some wind storm damage – two trees, one which fell parallel to the power lines although it was leaning completely towards the lines. I’ll take it…although now it needs to be turned into firewood.



Updates around our home

We added some front landscaping and lattice under the porch as well as 5 Pink Azalea bushes in the front rocks. Had a load of rock delivered, now just need some nice driveway rock for the front of the house. Also planted 2 apple trees and 5 muscadine vines.

2016-02-21 11.54.41

A pretty photo of our place at sunset from the barn


Also preparing the chicken coop – they arrive in less than a month! Took the old red shed and painted it with renew paint. Will have a large run behind it – too many hawks & eagles for chickens just to run free. We are getting Americaunas, Marans, Buff Orphingtons and a few other varieties.



Ford 2n 1945

For Sale: Ford 2N 1945 – $4000 OBO

All new/Updated

  • Seat cover – Ford Licensed Aftermarket
  • Frame up paint job –  professionally painted for long lasting shine
  • Carb
  • Warning Decals
  • Pipes
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Chrome Gages & Checked and Rewired Electrical
  • Front emblem – Ford Licensed Aftermarket
  • Air Cleaner/Filter
  • Fuel Tank – Brand New – not used
  • New Fluid/Oil
  • Brand New Rear 6 LED worklight – mounted out of the way of 3 point hitch (original would hit occasionally)
  • Toolbox – Aftermarket

Ford 2N 1945 update

Before and after progress pics on the 2N –  completed photos to come soon


For 2N restoration, the trend is to use the historical paint scheme, add ford blue elements and chrome out whatever you feel like. So we stayed historical, and added the chrome gages and some pipes.  It was previously painted as some sort of fusion of an 8N and 9N, with a real bad paint job. But after sanding, we did finally find the gray underneath.

Added several layers of extremely rust resistant primer – this is a 1945, the oldest tractor we have restored yet.


  • Seat cover – Ford Licensed Aftermarket
  • Carb
  • Pipes
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Gages & Electrical
  • Front emblem – Ford Licensed Aftermarket
  • Air Cleaner/Filter
  • Fuel Tank – Brand New – not use
  • New Fluid/Oil

Ford 2N 1945

We went to our first South Carolina estate auction Saturday at Backwoods Auction and picked up a great project.

Ford 2N – 1945 Good tires, needs paint, emblems, and tuned up! This should be a great project and we look forward to getting it back on the market soon.

Contact us for more information (Contact Us on the menu) if you are interested in purchasing this tractor once restored.



It has been a busy couple of months. First, we put a huge wrap around porch on our home with the help of my father. It looks fantastic, and now we are just waiting on the wood to completely dry out before coating the old and  new porch with deckover paint, which is 10x stronger than normal paint. It should blend the two decks together nicely.

We choose a honey brown color in Lowes version of deckover paint.


The next project was to trade in my newer car for something used. This is for a lot of reasons, but Clay and I strongly believe in living within our means. The car payment was just too much, and we can use that money for a lot of other things. So with a car payment cut in half, I got a 2007 Envoy GMC Denali. Super luxury, love it. A lot of relief in not having such a high car payment for something I was barely driving.


In the background of my new super awesome suv, is the barn project. We are still working on it, but now it is enclosed and much more secure. Couple more loads of stone for the driveway, and tin for the barn – and we will have everything set up for now.

And then on to the next project – Chickens!!


-Erika & Clay



IH International 404 Utility Tractor Restored – For Sale

IH International Harvester 404 Utility Tractor – For Sale $5,000

  • email:
  • text: 217-2seven-three-four-1-sixthree
  • Parade Ready, or for use around the farm

100% functional. Ready to use for any appropriate implement, works great with a box blade or auger.

Brand New Parts include:

  • Front Lights
  • Ignition Switch/Key
  • Starter
  • 12v phone charger or cigarette lighter
  • Dash light switch – front and rear light control
  • Tachometer – Dash Original
  • Oil and Water gauge
  • Steering Wheel and Shift Knob, Steering Wheel Cap
  • Rear work light
  • Decals – historically accurate
  • Emblems – ORIGINAL model front – restored
  • Side engine emblems – original
  • Side 404 emblems – aftermarket
  • Side Panels – Original Panels, Radiator Aftermarket Panels
  • Seat and seat assembly
  • Battery
  • Filters and all fluids
  • Paint – frame up, original IH colors, professional airbrushed
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • & more!!!


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