Growing Garden & Chickens

Just some garden and chicken photos. We’ve taken a tractor break to work on some items around the farm as well as swap a zero-turn mower engine. The grasshopper is, well, dead, the axle sheared in half. So we’ve swapped the engine into a JD 757 Zero-turn which we picked up for cheap. When ClayContinue reading “Growing Garden & Chickens”

Updates – Porch

After waiting many months for the new wood on the porch to finally dry out, we’ve gotten most of it painted. Endless spindles and some paint brushing to do but finally nearing completion. Paint the shutters black, finally get my plants and new rugs on the porch and we are good for the summer. ThisContinue reading “Updates – Porch”

Homestead updates

Little homestead update, tractors are still in progress – photos of those later this week. We are racing the south’s summer heat, every weekend is a work weekend until we can work no more. Landscaping on side of the house – pavers need a little leveling out but otherwise, hooray, this is done finally. OfContinue reading “Homestead updates”